How to know you’re not a ‘Normal’ teenager

How to know you’re not a ‘Normal‘ teenager:

  • The nurses at the hospital and/or ER know you by name
  • You learn how pull out your own needle
  • “Spoons”????
  • You carry around a 15 pound medicine bag with you…
  • …everywhere
  • You have adorable face masks
  • You have amazing friends who visit you

Not being a ‘Normal’ teenager is nothing to be ashamed of! Far from that even, it should be your reason to get out of the house. It means you’re special in so many ways.

Think about it like this: If one of my friends need something, Advil maybe?, you’re the first person they go to! You’re like this super doctor-nurse who didn’t need to go to medical school to get your degree!

You’re the super hero, fighting off evil with your special powers!

You’re the light to the darkness!

You’re the one, who’s going to go far in life.

12715340_1037338302994797_8953231583525047197_nNope! Nothing normal about me ­čÖé


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