De-accessing your needle

Today is the day! Your favorite day of the week! De-access day! Finally, after having that sucker in your chest for a whole week, you get to take it out and be FREE!!

If you’re super talented and learned how to de-access yourself, congratulations! I love the feeling of pulling out my own needle…what a rush!

In case you don’t know how to de-access yourself, no fear! I am here!

Here’s some simple steps to De-accessing your needle:

  1. Sterilize everything. 

Acessing My Port 009.jpg  d16456f5-28f9-41ee-b947-153b6e6dc027

I would really suggest in getting sterile, individually wrapped surgical gloves. Also, always keep safe from germs! Wear a surgical mask!! You will be looking and breathing all over that needle. It would be a shame if it got infected because you were breathing all over it…

2. Take off bandaging. 


Once off, it should look a little something like this. (Notice the gloves) By this time, your mask should be on and you should begin gaining the confidence to pull out your needle.It took me 10 minutes to gain my confidence…

3. Bare down. 


Here’s where it gets tricky…

Squeeze both ends together, like your pinching your little brother, while baring down with the other hand. Have two fingers applying pressure on one side of the port. This makes it so it’s easier to pull it out.

4. 3…2…1..BREATHE OUT


Take a deep breath, and PULL! I like to breathe in, count down from three, and let it out on 1 and that’s when I pull it out. now is an appropriate time to curse.


You did it! You successfully de-accessed your self!

If you’re a loser, like me, you may post something like this [on every social media site…]


Congrats, you’re now officially your own nurse- Just kidding.

Please refer to my “Access Day” post about accessing your needle 🙂

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