Lyme Disease vs. The ER

I think I speak for everyone when I say this, going to the ER with Lyme Disease is hell.

Every single time I go to the ER, I get questioned. No, not your normal “How much do you weigh?” or “What’s bothering you?”. More like “Are you sure you have Lyme?” or even “That’s not a real thing.”

Yes, not all doctors ‘believe’ in Lyme Disease.

You caught us, we’ve been lying, Lyme Disease isn’t real. We’re just all crazy.

While in the ER, no matter what for, they always, always, always question my Lyme! I just wanna shout, LYME DISEASE IS REAL. GET OVER IT.

But, I can’t.

Instead, most of the time I tell them that’s not the reason I’m there and they, for the most part, back off. Until it’s time for my IV treatments and they refuse to let me have the medicine I need to survive.

Wow. Okay. Thanks ER, me too.

Here’s some tip on surviving the ER with Lyme:

  1. Bring a phone charger: you’ll be reading off all your medications to your doctors and possibly showing them picture of your medications…to, y’know, prove they’re real.
  2. Have your LLMD on speed dial: the ER doctors might need to talk to him/her a learn a thing or two…
  3. Bring some PJ pants: everyone needs to be comfortable while being poked and pricked at, right? or just go completely in your matching dinosaur PJs, like me.
  4. Be patient: sometimes, in a room full of doctors, you’re the smartest one. So please be patient. The doctors are learning to your needs, as well as you.


If you’re lucky…you may even get a sticker 😉

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