A note to my close friends…

A note to my close friends…

The first time we met, I thought I was going down a spiral of nothing. I thought all was lost. I had just lost some friends, and saw the dark side of a few, who were once very close.

Then you all came. 

No, you didn’t all come at once. You all came at the perfect time. When each and every one of you was needed most.

You’d visit me in the hospital, with goodies hand-picked with joy.


You’d understand my needs, no matter where, when, or how.


From a simple sleepover every weekend…


…to all of us together.


Even from 400 miles away…


…or right here at home,



I know you’ll all be here for me, for when I need it most. I am more than grateful for the relationships I have made with every single one of you. You all, are a big reason of why I am so positive. You keep me optimistic and hopeful, and that’s all I ever needed.

P.s. I know this is lame, but I love you guys.

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