She has a necklace, I have a port 

She has a necklace, a bright pretty stone.  

I have a port, a bright pretty needle. 

She puts on her makeup. 

I put on my mask.

She lets her necklace dangle from her neck, as if there was no tomorrow. 

I let my port show from my chest, so everyone can see how strong I am. 

She doesn’t have a flaw on her body. 

I could count my flaws in five hands. 

She’s on a sports team. 

I’m learning how to walk. 

She goes to school everday. 

I haven’t been to school in months. 

Any differences? Yes. 

What are they, though? Sure, you see some simple differences on the outside, but what’s on the inside?

On the inside, she’s scared. She doesn’t want to go to school, in fear of being judged. She cries herself to sleep at night, every night. She has learned how to smile through the pain. 

But on the outside? She’s perfect

Everyday we pass by people. We don’t know the lives of everyone we pass. We don’t know what they’re going through. Many people, have something known as an Invisible Illness

An invisible illness is exactly what it sounds. It’s an illness. That’s invisible. 

Everyday, I can bet you, you pass by at least 20 people with an invisible illness. 

20 people 

For me, that’s a lot. For you, it could be nothing. 

People with invisible illnesses hear things like, “but you don’t look sick” and “it’s all in your head”. Anyone hear something like that before?

Pretty soon, I’ll be hearing those things again, too. 

Pretty soon, I will no longer need my crutches. I will no longer need my port. 

It will just be an invisible illness. 

This is me, a few months before and after my illness became visible…

Notice the necklace?

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