Bikram vs. Lyme Disease

“You can’t do Bikram, your heart isn’t ready.” 

About a week ago, my doctor told me this. 

“Bring it.” , I replied. 

I was ready to stand in that 105 degrees room and sweat my heart out. 

I didn’t care how sick I am. 

I didn’t care that I have to wear a mask during class. 

I was ready. 

I strayed from Bikram for awhile, being so immobile and all. 

Last time I went to Bikram, it was New Year’s Eve and I was still very wheelchair bound. 

It was fun, but emotionally damaging. It was hard to not be able to stand and do everything everyone else could do. 

But now, I’m able. I am able to do everything everyone else can do WHILE on crutches! 

I stood through the standing series and sat through the sitting series. 

I sweat out my pain, with my mask on my face. 

I sat in the heat, absorbing the energy. 

I laughed at the fact that I was doing yoga.

 If you had asked me 4 months ago if I would be standing and participating in Bikram, I’d laugh and say ‘no way‘.

Today, I laugh because it’s happening. 

Today, I am able to partake in the class. 

Today, I am okay. 

Today, I am happy.   

“You tried harder than most people in the class”

Yes. I. Did


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