Early this morning, I took a trip to Lewis Gale (I normally stay in the realms of Carilion) for my new electro-cardiologist. I was referred to him through my regular cardiologist. 

My morning started out with waking up half an hour late and rushing out the door. 

Then we watched a little waiting-room TV while the receptionist explained why Trump is perfect to be president…

After having my weight and height taken (gained two pounds and grew an inch!) I was taken into my room. 

While still half asleep I had to get another EKG

*note that I fell asleep during it. 

I had to do a range of “basic heart tests” such as 

  • “Breath in, breath out, STOP BREATHING AND FLEX YOUR ABS”
  • “We’re gonna squat together” 
  • “Deep breath- no, deep breath with your mouth open!!” 

Yeah…he was an interesting Doctor. 

When I tried to make my early morning heart jokes and didn’t even bat an eye; no sense of humor, I guess. 

He also wouldn’t 

take a picture with me so…

I got a selfie with the cool heart monitors. 

After all that he looked at my tilt-table test results and just said my heart rate was too high and my blood pressure was too low. 

I’ve started a medicine called “Atenolol” once a day. It’s supposed to lower my heart rate? 

Over all, it was a good early morning heart doctor visit and I’m excited to see how my new meds help me out. 


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